Toronto,   Fixation Auto Body Shop uses a quality system from one of the world's biggest paint companies; Akzo Nobel Sikkens.
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Painting of auto bodies presents a number of unique challenges when compared to painting any static structure. A car is subjected to a broad range of temperatures, especially given that it generates a large amount of heat during its operation, which in turn will cause steel body panels to expand and contract. Cars tend to flex when driven, which will add additional stress to the paint.

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Always the right formula
Finding colors with Sikkens Automatchic 3 is straightforward. First it ‘reads’ the color and then it automatically searches for the closest formula, even if a color code is not available. Errors are detected automatically and, if necessary, formulae are optimized. For very difficult colors Sikkens Automatchic 3 offers a tinting step which automatically tints the chosen formula. Sikkens Automatchic 3 allows bodyshops to find the best color formula for virtually any car on the road.

Sikkens Car Paint

Paint work is complex. In fact, it is the most involved and complex part of the process. When your car is done no matter how straight the frame is or how well the bumper fits, the paint must look perfect.

The Color. The Texture. The Shine.

These are some of the worries that come with refinishing a part of you car. Good thing we guarantee all the paint work we do for the life time that you own your car. We are that confident that our product will look good not only when you leave but for years after.

- We use Down Draft Paint Booth to insure no dust is in the air when we paint your vehicle!
- We only use Sikkens and Wanda type of paint, the choice for it's quality and durability!


We use very high quality refinishing materials and paint and we only operate in a controlled environment for uncompromised results each and every time we paint. The environment we paint in is a climate-controlled and particle filtered spray booth. The booth provides a dust-free and hazard free environment, with full spectrum lighting, in which high temperature air cures the paint quickly and effectively.

Sikkens Car Paint

Our technicians provide custom painting services to match your vehicle's color and restore the showroom shine and luster to your post-accident vehicle. With expert workmanship, undetectable color matching services, and the highest quality paint available on the market, we make your car look better than it did before the accident.

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Sikkens Car Paint

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